The Endurenth – Chest Workout

The Endurenth – Chest Workout

Endurenth? Yeah, that’s right, it’s the combination of endurance and strength. And that is what this workout is all about.

The one question we get all the time is whether one should increase the number of reps or the amount of weight when it comes to a specific exercise?

Keep in mind that some people train for endurance while some people train to add mass, both techniques are fantastic and it is best to stick with what works for you.

There is no wrong or right answer here, however, the major key is to ensure that it is best suited to your body type.

In my opinion, a merge between both techniques can really help you increase strength levels and even add some mass!

Below is a workout you can follow if you are keen to switch up your chest training.


Keep your elbows in a straight line when you press and ensure that you grip the dumbbells tightly to avoid any hazard.

Exhale as you push the weights and make sure you stretch the muscle through its full range of motion to keep tension on your upper pectoral muscle.

Warm up with 20 reps using a comfortable weight and then increase the weight gradually, ensuring you meet the necessary rep requirement.

CABLE CROSSOVER [3 X 15,12,10]


Here, you should allow the weight to stretch out your pectoral muscles as you open yourself up. When you pull down, squeeze very tightly and attempt to bring your thumbs together.

FLOOR PRESS [3 X 15,15,15]

This is particularly good for those who have a form of injury or pain in their elbow.

Extend your arms fully and wait for a second to squeeze your pecs together. This is also a safe choice as there is a very low chance of injury.

With the floor press, instead of increasing the weight to ensure you do more reps, you can either stick to the same weight or increase your rep range to ensure a stronger blood flow into the chest.

FLAT BENCH PRESS [4 X 20,20,12,10]

Allow the weight to rest lightly on your chest for a second before you finish a rep. Ensure you perform this exercise with a negative push, going as slow as you can.

Start with 2 sets of 20, then increase the weight in order to do 12 reps. Do the same for the last set of 10 reps.



This is the perfect exercise to wrap it all up. Keep your hips and head down while you are at it and inhale deeply as you lower the dumbbell.

This is a perfect blend of both worlds and is sure to settle the argument between proponents of endurance and strength-activists alike.


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